kwp No Clog Sewage Pumps
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                                                    kwp No Clog Sewage Pumps
                                                    KWP No Clog Sewage Pumps
                                                    Type KWP is of single-stage, centrifugal sewage pump with specially used for

                                                    KWP No Clog Sewage Pumps
                                                    Type KWP is of single-stage, centrifugal sewage pump with specially used for the city water supply, the sewage and effluent treatment, chemicals, iron & steel industries and the paper, sugar & canned food industries.
                                                    Type KWP sewage pump is characterized by high-efficiency, no clogging and back pull-out design which can allow the rotor to be removed from the pump casing without disturbing the piping or dismantling the casing. This not only  simplified maintenance but also allows fast inter change of the impellers and wear plate of suction side, thereby permitting the pump to be rapidly modified to suit different operating conditions.
                                                    Impeller types

                                                    "K" impeller: Closed non-clogging impeller
                                                    For clear water, sewage, fluids containing solids and sludge which do not liberate gas.
                                                    "N" impeller: Closed multi-vane impeller
                                                    For clear water, fluids containing slight suspension such as treated sewage, screen water, pulp water, suger juices, etc.
                                                    "O" impeller: Open impeller
                                                    Same applications as "N" impeller, but also including fluids containing air.
                                                    "F" impeller: Free flow impeller
                                                    For fluids containing coarse solids liable to bunch or plait(such as long fiber admixtures, sticky particles, etc.) and fluids containing air.
                                                    They can be applied to the city water supply, the waterworks, the breweries, the chemical industry, the construction, the mining, the metallurgy, the paper making, the sugar producing and the canned food industry, particularly applicable to the sewage treatment works; meanwhile, some of the impellers are suitable for conveying the object which contains solids or long-fiber non-abrasion solid-liquid mixtures.
                                                    They are widely used in the lossless transportations of fruits, potatoes, sugar beet, fish, grains and other food.
                                                    Type KWP pump normally is suitable for delivering the neutalmedia(PH value: about 6-8). For the application of corrosive fluid and other special requirements, please quote this information when making order.
                                                    Technical data
                                                    Pump size: DN 40 to 500 mm
                                                    Flow rate: up to 5500m3/h
                                                    Discharge head: up to 100m
                                                    Fluid temperature: -40 to +120°C

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